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OTA – A Heritage Restaurant


The “OTA” heritage restaurant situated at Gulab Sagar Lake and above the ‘Ranga Bhawan’ a 150 year old haveli of Raj Jyotish of Pokhran Tekhana, they are famous for their miraculous cure with Ayurvedic and Astrological chart reading in Marwar region and very close to the 100 year old step wall.

After stepping on to the “OTA” rooftop restaurant with the view is so captivating be it at any point of time be it dawn or the brink of twilight, as in front of you lies the majestic Mehrangarh fort, a fort that is so vast that it manages to cover the scope of your horizon, alongside the colour combination of warm and light which makes is appealing to the eye as in the morning the sun rises from behind the fort making it shine and the rays of sun making it seem like an aura of sorts. With a sight such as this the sounds that complement it are soft warbling of birds alongside the soft movements of water from the Gulab Sagar and during the time of prayers the ringing of the temple bell; moreover, if looking for an hourly reminder then it’s the sound of the clock as the historic clock tower announces the end of every hour of the day. What makes dining at “OTA” special is not only the view but the succulent Marwari, Indian and Continental food that is cooked by professional chef with extreme care and authentic ingredients to provide the best culinary experience to it’s guests.

The “OTA” is managed by the owners of Park Plaza hotel and the Amargarh Resort, Being in the hospitality business for decades they have a flair for interiors and design. They have adopted the step well as part of their group’s CSR activities and have been working on it last two months to upgrade the step well. The step is another attraction and will be leveraged to conduct soft indian music recital. At “OTA” the traditions of hospitality and care are the service philosophy.

For Reservations : +91 9116082020

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